Cultivating Growth

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1284B Dickenson Avenue,

Waverley, Pretoria, South Africa

+27 72 605 3118

Business Hours

Mon – Fri 9 am to 5 pm

Growing individuals > groups > organisations.

The word ESSAN was derived from the German word for food, Essen. The organic picture of a plant embodies the heart of what we wish to communicate: if you give the plant the right food and cultivate a favourable environment – it will grow! Therefore, the aim of ESSAN is to cultivate growth by supporting an individual, group or organisation by aiding them in introducing the right “food” into their lives that ultimately serve as the catalyst for optimal personal and organisational growth.

Our Services

Whether you are an individual, an entrepreneurial start-up or established organisation, the Essan group specializes in Individual, Human Capital and Data development.

Essan Coaching

Are you aware of your potential?

Are you stuck?

Coaching is a dialogue in which the coach facilitates you in a process to learn, clarify values, release potential and increase performance by focusing on specific goals to achieve success.”

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Human Capital Development

In partnership with CCI Professional

The 2018 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report for South Africa ranked Employee Well-being as one of the most important need for employees.

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Essan Analytics

Are you ready to embrace big data and step out of your comfort zone? 

We offer data-driven insights and solutions.

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You have more potential than you realise.

That potential can change your life. 

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